Learn more- so how does this work?

We’ve taken our experiences from solo, rally, and bus travel to create a structured trip that still allows some freedom to explore on your own.

All participants will meet in Chicago for a Welcome Reception. During this reception, we’ll discuss the overall itinerary, answer questions, and prep for our adventure. Of course, we’ll also have you sign a liability waiver.

The next morning, we’ll gather for a “Drivers’ Meeting,” something we’ll do most mornings. These brief meetings will go over the day’s itinerary, any special considerations, and any changes that may have developed.

After each morning’s meeting, we’re off! We’ll have designated time windows for each stop on our itinerary, but you’ll also have the freedom to make extra stops as needed or warranted.



We love questions! Contact us using the info below:

Two Lane America LLC
Austin Coop- Founder


What’s included:

We've taken care of all the "hard" parts of planning this trip. Plus, we've added some extras that'll make your trip even better than if you were doing it on your own.

  • Lodging in a standard room

  • Admission/parking/tickets for any group activity on the itinerary

  • Trip t-shirt

  • Trip guidebook

  • Lead-car guide

  • 13 breakfasts

  • 2 lunches

  • 3 dinners

  • Digital souvenir photo

  • Gift bags and special daily treats

  • Custom Spotify playlist tailored to each day's journey

What’s not included:

  • Your vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, or a rental car!)

  • Gas (Budget $300-500 for fuel depending on vehicle)

  • Any meals not expressly mentioned in the itinerary

  • The boat-load of gifts and souvenirs you’re going to buy everywhere

  • Hotel “incidentals” (aka if you raid the mini-bar)


Driving Options:

Solo (1 person, 1 car, 1 room):

$3100 USD

Couple (2 people, 1 car, 1 room):

$2400 USD per person ($4800 total)

Ride-along Options:

Solo: $3500 USD

Couple: $2800 USD per person

More than 2 people coming with you? More than 2 in your car or room? Want to bring an entire car club?

Email us directly at austin@2laneamerica.com for a custom price quote.

Can’t do the full trip, but still want some of the fun? No problem, again, just shoot us an email for your custom price.

How to Register:

Signing up is easy! Just click the button below, fill out the simple form, and make the initial $250 deposit via credit card.

How to Pay:

A $250 deposit is due at time of registration. After registering, we'll contact you to confirm your details and arrange the remaining payment.

The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to departure date.

Full payment is required immediately for anyone signing up within 30 days of the departure date. We will coordinate this immediately following your registration.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

A full refund will be issued up to 30 days prior to your trip departure. A full refund minus the $250 deposit will be issued up to 7 days prior to your trip departure. No refunds will be issued within 7 days of your departure.

If you should leave the trip early for any reason, no refunds will be issued.

If a trip is cancelled by Two Lane America at any time, a full refund will be issued.

Travel Insurance

We highly suggest travel insurance, especially if you're traveling from outside the United States.

For travel insurance providers, visit Insure My Trip

Frequently Asked Questions:

We love questions. We love having the answers too.

I’m part of a car/motorcycle club, and we’d like to do the trip as a group! Do we need to register each car individually?

We love working with clubs! We can do a group signup for you and even offer special trip dates, discounts and incentives. Please email us directly at austin@2laneamerica.com.

How much driving is there each day?

Depending on the day, expect 3-5 hours of driving each day. Of course, you’ll be making TONS of stops during that time period.

What if my vehicle breaks down?

Two Lane America does not offer any major roadside assistance. We suggest checking with your insurer to see if you have roadside protection and/or getting AAA. We can help to a certain degree, but it is ultimately your responsibility to make it to each new day.

What if it rains?

Weather, is, well, weather. We go rain-or-shine unless deemed unsafe. Your lead-car guide will make overall determinations regarding weather.

Will I meet new people? (Do I have to meet new people?)

We engineer the trip to give you both time alone and time with the other travelers in our adventure. You’ll make new friends. If you don’t want to make new friends, we suppose you could skip some of the included meals, but you’ll miss all the fun!

Can I do the trip in a rental car?

Sure! (We suggest springing for their extra insurance. Then you can drive it like a scene from Days of Thunder.)

How do I get my car home from LA?

If you’re up for another adventure, you can just drive back! Otherwise, there are multiple shipping options ranging from roughly $750 to $2000 depending on where you live and the level of shipping you desire. We can recommend certain companies if you have questions about this.